ABC killed the shortwave radio star

14 February 2017

Call on major parties to support legislation to restore shortwave radio transmission services

There will be moves to have an urgent Senate inquiry into legislation introduced into the Senate this week requiring the ABC to restore its shortwave transmission services.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Restoring Shortwave Radio) Bill 2017 was introduced by Senator Xenophon this week and requires the ABC to maintain both its domestic and international shortwave transmission services so that people living in rural and remote Australia, as well as remote parts of the Pacific, have access to reliable emergency broadcasting and news. The broadcasting ceased on 31 January 2017.

"This legislation was introduced in direct response to the daft decision by ABC's management in Sydney to kill off shortwave radio which will create a further digital divide in remote Australia," said Nick.

"The ABC's transmission service is the only option for many people who live, work and travel through rural and remote areas. It's an absolutely vital service that provides timely notice in the event of natural disasters. The alternatives proposed by the ABC such as satellite telephones will not provide up-to-date real time broadcasts so this legislation is imperative.

"The response to the shortwave cut-off demonstrates the woeful inadequacy of the ABC's consultation process. Not only have we heard from many rural Australians concerned about the decision, our near neighbours such as Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea have also voiced serious concerns. 

"I'm looking forward to the support of the major parties on this legislation considering that members from both the Coalition and Labor have publicly voiced their concerns."

The Bill can be found here: 

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