Local Jobs

Whether it be campaigning for Australian boot-maker Rossi Boots, or seeking changes to government procurement policy. Fighting hard for local jobs is an absolute priority for me.

Australia has seen manufacturing as a percentage of GDP slide from 12 percent a decade ago to just over 6 per cent now. Compared to Germany’s 22 percent, where they give a damn about manufacturing, Australia is looking positively anaemic on the manufacturing front. Since 2008, 200,000 jobs have been lost on manufacturing in Australia and tens of thousands more jobs are due to go by the end of this year when the auto-making sector finally closes its doors in Australia. That’s why it’s critical $1.3 billion sitting in the Automotive Transformation Scheme is unlocked to revive manufacturing by encouraging its diversification. (Read my Media Release)

There’s also the massive issue of government procurement. The Commonwealth government alone spends $60 billion a year (of your money) buying goods and services. Until changes were negotiated at the end of last year (Read my Media Release about procurement) there was no requirement to take into account goods complying with Australian standards (such as steel used in government funded construction sites, or the economic impacts of buying local all the flow-on economic activity and jobs created).

These changes come into effect on 1 March 2017 – it’s a big deal for Australian industry and jobs. It’s an issue that I and my parliamentary colleagues John Darley MLC, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore and Senator Stirling Griff have long campaigned.

We also need to be acutely aware that sloppily negotiated Free Trade Agreements will cost Australia jobs. (Read my Opinion Piece)

 If you’ve been impacted by the decline in manufacturing, or have an idea to make manufacturing jobs grow, please contact me.