British law legend might have been on ministers’ side
28 June 2017
I wonder what English judge ­and lord Alfred Denning, one of the greatest jurists of the 20th century, would have made of the contempt of...
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Are we truly ready for the consequences of a war with China?
21 April 2017
We are faced today with a question that has never before arisen in our history.
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The political will is lacking to fix our housing affordability crisis
9 March 2017
Unacceptably, for too many Australians, home ownership has turned from dream to nightmare.
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Major parties fail to support tougher penalty for entitlements misuse
20 February 2017
I’ve long advocated for ‘pollie perks’ reform and last week, while some Liberal MPs were busy calling for politicians to retain their gold card entitlements,...
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